Felix knows it won’t be easy but is ready to deal

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Atletico Madrid forward Joao Felix knows that Liverpool’s game will not be easy. But myself and others Ready to play today

Atletico will open their home against Liverpool in the Champions League Group B game on Tuesday night. In the past two games, Rojéblancos collected a total of 4 points, two points behind the Reds.

In a press conference on Monday The Portugal international has revealed that the Reds have a fearsome and dangerous attacking line. Yet myself and others The team has prepared to deal with the famous English clubs already.

“We are looking forward to a strong team,” Felix said.

“Everyone knows it’s Liverpool, a great team. especially in the offensive panel. But we are prepared to deal with them and we will do everything. as possible to overcome

That’s the thing about Joao Felix. To him, playing this game is similar to attending a prestigious University on a full scholarship. He has been given this unique gift, and thanks to the sacrifices made by his hard work and the efforts of his family, this 21-year-old is going to make the most of it.  

At Atletico Madrid he has the best classmates and most importantly, a professor that will push him until he knows his limits. It’s a good time to be a student of the game and there’s a sense that at 21, there is so much more to come.