Martial never refused to play for Manchester United

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Anthony Martial, French forward Confirmed that he never refuse to play for Manchester United, according to the claims of Ralph Rangnick, the boss.

After Manchester United’s 2-2 draw at Aston Villa at Villa Park on Saturday, Rangnick reveal that Martial did not want to be in the team. As a result, the team has a list of only 8 substitutes, including 2 goalkeepers. In an interview with Rangnick on why the team has only eight substitutes. Martial said: “He doesn’t want to be in the team. He will be in the ufabet team as usual. 

But he doesn’t want that. That’s why he didn’t come here with us.” The matter prompted the 26-year-old striker to urgently clarify via Instagram. “I’ll never refuse to play for Manchester United, I’ve been here seven years and I’ve never been disrespectful. And will never disrespect the club and the fans,” Martial posted in response on IG. For Martial has been reported to want to leave the team during the January transfer window. 

With interest to play in La Liga with Sevilla, but the possibility appears to be low because of the wages in the contract. Including loan fees that must be paid to Manchester United

Rangnick said Elanga “showed what I expect of him and why I decide to play him from the start”. When asked whether the young Swedish star is now ahead of Sancho in the pecking order but add: “We’ve got so many games to play. I’m not thinking who is ahead of who.”

However, Redknapp feels Sancho now has a very difficult task of convincing the manager to pick him in front of Elanga.