Newcastle United , Unai Emery their top target

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Newcastle United have made Spanish coach Unai Emery their top target. To take over the role of Steve Bruce

Bruce was speculated to be fired as soon as Newcastle United ‘s new owners arrived, but went the wrong way. Because the former Manchester United defender continues to serve in the ufabet game against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday past. This is the English coach’s 1,000th game in charge.

However, after a 2-3 defeat at St James’ Park, Bruce is unlikely to escape losing his place. While the club’s new board has continued to work hard to find a new head coach since coming in to work. According to The Express, the name of former Arsenal coach Emery has emerged as the preferred choice for the new owners from Saudi Arabia. 

Even though it is difficult Because he is currently the coach of Villarreal. The other two options are Spanish coach Roberto Martinez and English coach Steven Gerrard. That is difficult for both of them as well. Because they have contracts to control the Belgian national team with Rangers respectively.

Newcastle have the resources to compensate for his arrival following the club’s recent takeover, but convincing Emery to up sticks from a club in which he appears to be settled might prove to be difficult.