“Pochettino” waiting to inspect Ugochukwu’s homework, then think about using it yourself or lending it

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Chelsea head coach Mauricio Pochettino has admitted he has about a month to assess new midfielder Lesley Ugochukwu whether to keep it for himself or send it out on loan to partner clubs. Full season 2023-24

The young midfielder joined the Blues from Rennes on a seven-year contract with the option to extend his contract by a year, making his official debut yesterday in his first training session with the young Chicago side. United States 

As for whether he will be in Pochettino ‘s plans for a new season, it will depend on the overall picture that comes out over the next month. Both about form and the main goal that Moises Caisedo can suck from Brighton or not. 

“Monday’s meal was Lesley’s first training session with the club, he’s a young and talented player. We don’t know if we will have a chance to play against Dortmund (August 2), but we will assess him.”  สมัคร ufabet

“Now is the time to evaluate Ugochukwu until the end of the transfer market. Let’s see if he stays or goes out on loan.

“At this point I am happy to work with the club. including all of us We are working hard to get the perfect balance of strength.”

“But we all understand that maybe in the last few weeks of the transfer market. There may be stories happened afterwards.”

“It is always better to get things sorted first. But not just us, every club as well. It is important to get the squad that we need.”

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